Parents Looking for Help in the Caravan for Peace

Aired: August 21 on KPBS Evening Edition

Above: Crossing the border last week, the Caravan for Peace is a movement began in Mexico to help end cartel violence. The caravan started in San Diego and stops in 25 other cities in the U.S. Reporter Diana Crofts-Pelayo says the caravan is full of families that have lost a loved one and are simply searching for more answers.

Padres de Familias Buscan Ayuda En Caravana Por La Paz | Parents Search For Help In Caravan For Peace

Aired: August 20 on Fronteras Desk

Above: A video for Spanish speakers on the U.S. portion of the Caravan for Peace by Diana Crofts-Pelayo of Fronteras Desk partner station KPBS. | Video en Español por Diana Crofts-Pelayo con los sobrevivientes de la guerra contra los narcos y una entrevista con el líder del grupo: Javier Sicilia.

The following videos were produced as a student at San Diego State University.

One of two School of Journalism and Media Studies students at SDSU chosen to create packages for 2013 Hearst Competition. Both packages below were produced for the competition and an advanced reporting class.

1) Prospective students remaining positive amid gloomy future

By Diana Crofts-Pelayo

Despite the growing economic uncertainty for teachers around the county, prospective teachers are remaining positive for the future. Diana Crofts-Pelayo shot all the B-roll and interviews.Shots from the package include: May Day protest by teachers, students, staff and parents from the San Diego Unified School District, interviews of Lindsay Goulet (prospective teacher), Dawn Wirts (current charter school teacher) and Ana Kray (teacher at protest).

2) Mexican citizens voting from abroad in July election

By Diana Crofts-Pelayo

The Mexican Presidential election is in July and residents abroad can vote. However, do Mexicans abroad find it important to vote for a president in a country they no longer reside in? Interview include: David Shirk, director of the Transborder Institute at the University of San Diego and man-on-the-streets. B-roll: San Ysidro border crossing, San Diego skyline and the University of San Diego.

Survey incentives increase participants, but may skew results

 By Diana Crofts-Pelayo

Featured videos/slideshows on the JMS Reports website and YouTube site.

Raising bilingual twin boys

By Diana Crofts-Pelayo

Part of a multimedia piece, this audio slideshow shows how parents plan a future for their twins from the beginning, by being bilingual. Audio slideshow and multimedia piece featured on JMS Reports website and JMS Reports YouTube site.

Narcoleptic adapting to student life (Parody)

By Diana Crofts-Pelayo, featuring Matt Salwasser

Also featured on the JMS Reports YouTube site.

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